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Growing up in Wiesbaden, Germany, I discovered my love for the mountains early on, when my dad took me on my first adventures in the Austrian Alps. Only a few years later, I got my first camera (Minolta X-370s), which became a constant companion. It was only a matter of time until I decided to move to the heart of the Alps - Innsbruck. Three years ago, I moved to Switzerland. Living in the middle of the mountains makes it possible to combine my passions for nature, outdoor sports (Snowboarding, Splitboarding, Hiking, Surfing, Mountainbiking and many more) and photography (now working with a Sony α7II). Have a look at my 'stories' to see what I've been up to. When I'm not outside, I'm working on my PhD about sustainability in the outdoor industry.

Come and follow on my next adventures... Or let's go together?

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